All have spoken...

- Now a movie tellsthis incredible storyBangkok police trained to direct 'human traffic'. BBC

- Bangkok is one of the world's most congested cities. Telegraph

- The transport system in Bangkok compatible according to the ministry of about 1.6 million vehicles a day. In fact, there are three or four times as many.  Spiegel

- Così i poliziotti della capitale thailandese si sono organizzati. Corriere della Sera

- What seemed a good idea 20 years ago has turned out to be a perfectly suitable project today, indispensable especially since the state of traffic in Bangkok has gotten worse in recent years. Bangkok Post

- Atraffic cop in Thailand set a new record. Global Post

- Traffic policemen in Bangkok are being trained in midwifery to help women

in labor who are stuck in traffic and can not make it to the hospital in time. LAOS NEWS

- The project began 19 years ago because of traffic congestion in the Thaicapital. Ceska Televize

- A policeman in Thailand has helped a pregnant woman give birth to a baby girl in the back of a taxi cab after the vehicle became trapped in Bangkok rush hour traffic. Cambodian Times