Written, Directed and Edited by Gianni Torres -

Synopsis short:

Angels in Bangkok is Docu-reality .Bangkok is one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world. His majesty the King of Thailand,having noticed this, has created and financed The Royal Traffic Police Special Unit to intervene and help the people trapped in traffic accidents.This is the wonderful story of ANGELS IN BANGKOK.

Director's notes

The images in this documentary were taken by a smartphone, the single device that captures the reality with immediacy, and portrays the dramatic moments in real time.Opting for smartphones, micro camera, and semi professional compact camera, can dissolve the pressure during the interviews.Likewise, the numbers of people on set are few (3 person) so it would allow the protagonists to feel at ease, and share their stories with their true emotions. In this documentary, the protagonists were sometimes filmed during being asked questions, allowing the audience to know them through their different expressions.The narrative of the protagonist, Mana, also helps us to grasp the feelings of both those who rescued and who were rescued.The stories in this documentary were full of variety of emotions,thanks to the the acquired footage of the people,playing asbackdrop of this splendid asiatic capital city, Bangkok.

Gianni Torres

Genre: Documentary - 52' (or 66')


Cast & CREW:



Area of interest:


Social, Life, Anthropological,

Family, Travel, Emergency

Production Angels in Bangkok: Altre Produzioni (Italy)


Production contact: 

Location: Bangkok (Thailand)

Locations Manager Bangkok: Sasigorn Charoensak (Mai)

Organization Bangkok (Producer): Pattaya Benjavari

Translations: Panipak Julwalli

Drone pilot: Jarapat Chaysaeng

Assistant to Drone pilot: Pramote Jariyathammkon

Van Service Bangkok: Batman Team

Music: Vincenzo Abbracciante -

Graphic and Animations: Giuseppe Laselva

Cameras: Smartphone-Go Pro-Mobius action camera-Panasonic X950-Canon Legria HF M52

Sound - post producion: Mick Art Video Multimedia

Special Thanks

Rudi Assuntino

Eugenio Manghi

Giovanni Favilli

Fabio Macaluso

Sandro Botticelli

Rosario Campione

Special Thanks

Embassy of Italy in Thailand

Francesco Saverio Nisio

Giulio Marini

Flavio Sereni


Image courtesy of The Royal Trafic Police Special Unit



Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thai Airways

Bell Travel Roma

Hotel Rembrandt Bangkok

Gear Head Thailand